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Understand how relationships can unlock creativity and commercial performance.

About the Agency programme.

This bespoke course gives a perspective 'both sides of the fence' and is compiled from interviews with over 80 expert contributors from middle management to C-suite with first-hand experience both client and agency-side.

Expert Contributors
Years Experience
Key Ingredients

What questions will it answer?

  • Why relationships are so fundamental, and why agencies often fail to practice what they preach.
  • What clients are really looking for in an agency partner?
  • How to close the empathy gap
  • Why the role of the account person in creating the conditions for creativity is so important, yet so often undervalued
  • The importance of a 'magic catch-up' and why one conversation can make a real difference.
  • How do you get a 'Meerkat' and not a 'Camel'? How 'One Team' working can make a fundamental difference to quality of your creative output.
  • How to grow influence within a client's business and spot opportunities to increase revenues.
  • How to measure what you treasure, and why you should set additional KPIs for monitoring relationship quality.

How to make the magic sauce


Fundamental principles that underpin good agency/client relationships.


Key ingredients for client-agency success to take away and use.


5-Step behaviour change framework to commit you to new working practices.

How is it delivered?

Delivered through a number of 90 and 120 minute interactive modules the course enables agency professionals to 'peer behind the client curtain'. As well as practical tips, and numerous interactive exercises, the course focuses heavily on behaviour change and provides checklists and measurement frameworks that agencies, and individuals, can use to guide their interactions and track their relationship strength in partnership with their clients. The programme is available for solus agency groups of 10-12. Additionally mixed agency cohorts run both physically and virtually throughout the year, where agencies can send a handful of attendees to the group.

Who is it for?

The programme is suitable both for junior/mid-level managers as well as those leading client relationships with content tailored and taught to suit each level, from how to connect and build the trust of your client to managing power-dynamics and increasing organic growth.

What are the programme outcomes?

Having completed the course, attendees will have a greater understanding of what their client is looking for, more confidence in engaging senior stakeholders about their business challenges and a toolkit for more empathetic and effective financial conversations and for growing organic revenue. With the addition of The Magic Sauce agency/client relationships will be more efficient and effective and just as importantly more enjoyable and enduring.

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Partnering Programmes.

Double the impact with our partnership programmes.

In addition to our client and agency modules a number of partnership programmes are available.

Relationship reset

Behaviour change programmes for established partnerships looking for a reset or to take the partnership to the next level.

Flying start

The first 90 days of a new working relationship are critical for setting the tone of things to come. The Flying start programme helps client and agency partners take the best first steps post a new partnership.

Measure what you treasure

An ongoing relationship monitoring programme. Clients and agencies to construct a dashboard key relationship behaviours that can be monitored over time to drive better marketing outputs.

Looking for our Client Programme?

The Magic Sauce is for Clients as well as Agencies.


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